In my banana skin...

I am a so-called "banana", French of Asian origin, born in Strasbourg, of a mother from Hong-Kong and a Chinese father from Indonesia. I grew up in France, graduated from HEC business school, worked a few years in Paris. Then I moved to Singapore with my husband in 2006. We are still there, now with 2 children and several bilingual schools that we have set up in the region. I also created a mobile math game for kids (Dragon Whiz, on Google Play and App Store).

Since I have lived in Asia, I have asked myself a lot of questions about my identity: I always felt very French, but suddenly found myself confronted with my Asian origins, by the way people look at me, here in Asia - whether by the locals or other French people.

And I realise that there is a whole part of myself that I have obscured and with which I now connect with curiosity ... by talking about it around me, I meet people in the same case, who share with me their own feelings, their experiences and their family background.

My project is therefore to collect these testimonies from Westernised people (French, American, Australian...) of Asian origin who return to live in Asia, and to share these fascinating stories. What do we know about the generation of parents who went to live in the West? How did their children grow up in Europe and why do they come back to live in Asia? How do they feel, what is their outlook on Asia and the countries their parents left?


To learn more about my background and my approach, listen to the first episode of my podcast!

And if you want to participate and share your experience, do not hesitate to contact me!



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